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their duet was awesome, now everything in glee is crap

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Anónimo ha dicho: If you get any spoilers about Blaine / Dave would you consider keeping them to yourself? The Klaine fandom is very vulnerable right now, I've already saw someone confess to self harming over this (we can't judge, we don't know the exact circumstances or why Klaine are so important to them) and I just don't think the fandom could take anymore, especially when it's something so horrible as 'blainofsky'. You don't even have to post this but just please think about it? Thank you.



No, I won’t consider it. Sorry. Ya’ll can blacklist me.

Are you really laying that troubled girl’s problems at my feet? If she’s self-harming over a TV show, she needs to get off of tumblr and seek help for her issues.

If you are her friend, I would encourage her to get help, rather than worrying about whether I’m posting spoilers or not.

I think about my gay teenage son, actually crying over the way the show began treating Kurt, at that time my son’s inspiration, in comparison to Blaine. The message he got loud and clear was that Kurt, like himself, was the “wrong” kind of gay, and should only hope they get lucky to find love and/or success if he wasn’t able to mask those traits that wouldn’t make him an “acceptable” kind of gay in the eyes of the rest of the world. Guess what, he said “fuck them” and stopped watching.

I too have a hard time feeling sorry for these entitled Klainers, many who have bullied the rest of the fandom mercilessly in the past several seasons, who aren’t able to handle this toxic relationship being broken up for even a little bit of time. They can also change the channel if it’s fucking them up that much.



Yes, Chris. Yes you are. And you don’t need a script to make you that way.


Yes, Chris. Yes you are. And you don’t need a script to make you that way.

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My entire relationship with Glee summarised in a 4 second gif:



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How can Glee writers think they can humiliate Kurt, when Chris looks like this??


lol impossible, sorry.

"Hi! I’m Chris Colfer. Check me out on Teen.com! Check me out…? Well that’s suggestive."

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